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This product designed and produced by CME Kart, simplifies the tire replacement operations for professionals and not.

From the video you can see how, with a few easy steps, you can replace the tire on your kart and start racing again without wasting any time.

The tire change equipment, as a single unit, contains the mechanical and electrical components of the machine, with lateral handles for the transport. Easy Tyre is powered by 24v batteries.

  • On the front side there is the controls panel, with the up/down button, the emergency button, a thermal protection switch with manual reset, the plug for charging the batteries and the charger itself.

  • In the upper side we can find the endless screw, the nut screw, two rings to detach the tyres, the locking plate and the wrench.

  • On the sides we can find the holes for fixing the device to a stable workbench (specifically designed for our EASY BENCH).

Easy Tyre tutorial


Delivery measures 📦

(Box with Easy Tyre included)

45x35cm     h:20cm     W:19kg

Price list

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