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This product is entirely designed and created in Italy by CME Kart to simplifies the lifting and the transport of your Go Karts. This equipment will easily fit in your vehicle and it's 100% safe and reliable.


The product Easy Lift is available in 3 models, and it's supplied already assembled and tested.

Easy Lift 1 (allows the transport of 2 kart in your vehicle).  

Easy Lift 2 (allows the transport of 3 karts in your vehicle).  

Easy Lift 3 (allows the transport of 4 karts in your vehicle). 

Easy Lift, when supplied, is composed by:

  • independent pillars with the related engines/reducers;

  • Linear motion;

  • Ball bearing runners;

  • Lifting by belt;

  • Fixing beams;

  • Power source 230V;

  • Functioning 24V CC;

  • Ignition button;

  • UP/DOWN button;

  • Emergency button;

  • Engine protection device with manual reactivation.

  • UP/DOWN limit switch detector;

You can choose between 3 types of power supply:

  1. 🔌 Power supply by plugging to the mains (230v/110v). STANDARD

  2. 🔌+🔋 Functioning by plugging to mains or by using 24v batteries. OPTIONAL

  3. 🔋 Power supply by using 24v batteries. OPTIONAL


*The functioning is always in 24v


Version with FOLDABLE platforms

In a few easy steps you can fold the platforms to keep to loading and working space totally free!


Choose them when you place the order or modify the ones you already have.

Introductory Video

Foldable platforms

Easy Lift-3_page-0001.jpg
Easy Lift 2.jpg

During the installation phase is necessary to:

  • Fix the beams to the pillar according to your needs;

  • Fix the system on your vehicle;

  • Install the platforms;

  • Plug the already numbered electrics plugs;

  • Place the electric panel;

  • Plug to the power source.

Delivery measures 📦

(Wood Box with Easy Lift included)

62x205cm     h:54cm     W:160kg

Easy Lift 1.jpg
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